Paul Willard - The Person

Some of the things I get up to in my spare time.

The Dancer

I’ve been dancing around the country, attending competitions, getting involved in team events, and improving with workshops and one-on-one lessons. In 2014 I secured my first trophy (a 3rd place) and continue to hope for a first place.

The Motorcyclist

I am an avid motorcyclist. I enjoy touring around New Zealand, finding complex roads with great scenery. My managerial and communication skills have seen me representing motorcyclists in parliament during the ACC levy change proposals in 2009. I met with Honourable Dr Nick Smith, the Minster for ACC, and the Honourable Stephen Joyce the minister for transport.

The Hiker

I’ve walked all around the forest in New Zealand, climbing a few mountains, and crossing a few rivers. I love the peace and serenity of spending a night cooking over a small stove, sleeping under New Zealand’s beautiful bush canopy.

Meeting Deadlines

I’m great at working under pressure. There is an excitement gained from meeting deadlines, and providing a timely response to customers, both internal and external

Innovative Ideas

I’ve been involved in some world changing development projects. I love thinking up new ideas in all areas; technology, processes, and business strategy.

Advanced Technology

I’ve used some pretty cutting edge technology. From my contribution to PHP in 1995, through to recent work with Cassandra (NoSQL) clustered storage systems.

Clear Communication

I am a fantastic communicator. I have an amazing ability of being able to communicate complex technical ideas to lay-people so they truely are empowered to make decisions based on clear information.

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