Paul Willard - Systems and Network Manager

About Paul

Paul Willard
  • At heart, I'm a geek.
  • I've also studied management:-
  • I've driven some trucks.
  • But at heart, I'm a geek.

I've been a constant users of Debian since 2005, and prior to that Ubuntu, Gentoo, Mandriva, Mandrake, all sorts. But y'know, I've installed Windows™ when I've wanted to play some non-Linux games, or configure some Checkpoint™ firewalls.
I can code in bash (although Google™ helps), and can code in PHP™ pretty easy, although I've never done any OOP.

I'm currently employed as the General Manager at Wanna Internet.
I was fully emersed in the ISP environment first as Senior Network Engineer, then as the Rural Network Operations Manager at Lightwire, so I can do some networking.

Occasionally I get bugged by something, then start a project to solve my problem.
I ran a TiVo™ project in New Zealand for a while, where I was hacking TiVos™ to work in NZ, before they were officially launched.
I ran the largest XMPP / Jabber server in New Zealand for many years, until spammers ruined it for me.
I ride motorbikes, and as a result help out with some clubs ( like Ulysses ).


Shane Hobson Velocity has used Paul and his team at NetValue to provide a number of web based solutions for us. Including a secured wiki and interactive, database driven web pages. The projects have always been delivered on time, on budget and often exceed our required performance criteria.

Shane Hobson Solution Architect, Velocity Networks

Wayne Atwell Paul has worked on a number of projects with us and has always delivered a great service and on time. He definitely knows his stuff when it comes to IT and sysadmin.


Wayne Atwell Brand Strategy Consultant, author of Smart Marketing, Bold Horizon

Rosemary Leader Paul would have to be one of the most ethical people I know. In his time on the Fraser High School Board of Trustees he made good governance and integrity a priority and in doing so showed true grit in a challenging situation.

Rosemary Leader General Manager, Hillside Hotel

Dave McNeill Paul is effective, efficient and very capable. He has in depth technical knowledge and experience, and can get things done. He is organised and in control of his team. I like the way he thinks through the angles of a particular change or system, to understand the downstream impacts and consequences.

Dave McNeill Owner, McPond Software
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