Paul Willard

Technical leader, Project manager, System Administrator, Infrastructure Manager
IT Management, IT Governance, Service Delivery

Want to know a little about meĀ ?

I have an established track record of success in leadership, innovation, and project completion, alongside an on-going commitment to extending my learning, upgrading my skills, and improving outcomes in every area of my work. For more than a decade my major focus has been on successfully leading teams in infrastructure departments, customer support departments, and development teams, both in BAU and Projects.

I am a strong leader, and with integrity I develop myself both personally and professionally. I encourage growth of others around me, and do what I can to assist those people in achieving. I question the status quo and gain knowledge in processes, relationships, and structures; and through questioning can help reveal areas for improvement, or new ideas that had not been thought of previously.

I encourage, and demand integrity, and believe completely in everything I stand for, or represent. I attract people that are passionate and driven in similar areas

What can I do for your business?

I can transfer my track record of sustained achievement, augmented by new skills, and new networks from my MBA to your workplace. I have a high performance record from start-up skills, through development and fast growth, to effective maintenance while an organisation is still expanding. I can over-see projects and organisations from inception, to implementation and expansion. This involves an awareness of the financial, people, and technical dimensions, and how to integrate them.

In my work at NetValue I have focused on implementing sustainable information technology infrastructure library principles (ITIL). I have designed and executed a successful service desk, focusing on single point of contact, rather than first point of contact. The result is an easily understandable system for the customers, and more reliable data for monitoring and reporting. The reporting has led the way for me to implement a problem management facility. With the ability to over-see issue trends, problem management has shifted from reactionary to proactive service management.

Respect, Integrity, and Perseverance.

I stand for respect, integrity, and perseverance in the workplace and demonstrate these qualities and values in care for my community.

I have been responsible for auditing a not for profit organisation that was losing money, and posting deficits year after year. I identified where the money was going, then proposed and implemented plans to enable positive figures within two years. The experience placed me in situations where I had to report to government agencies during my process, collaborate with employment unions, and prepare legal documentation.

I contribute towards many Open Source projects to help evolve the IT industry. These projects include The PHP Project, Linux Mandrake, Gentoo Linux, and a number of PHP projects. I have grown, managed, and maintained an international Linux support group, which is now heading into its 6th year. was derived from the need to support new Linux users, and develop Linux on the desktop. I have built an international support team made of people from all continents, which, with some guidance, provide enterprise level support and knowledge to the wider community. I have gained recognition for my work from Mandriva Linux in France, and now have official status for support.

Velocity has used Paul and his team at NetValue to provide a number of web based solutions for us. Including a secured wiki and interactive, database driven web pages. The projects have always been delivered on time, on budget and often exceed our required performance criteria.

Shane Hobson

Solution Architect, Velocity Networks

Paul has worked on a number of projects with us and has always delivered a great service and on time. He definitely knows his stuff when it comes to IT and sysadmin.

Wayne Atwell

Brand Strategy Consultant, author of Smart Marketing, Bold Horizon

Paul would have to be one of the most ethical people I know. In his time on the Fraser High School Board of Trustees he made good governance and integrity a priority and in doing so showed true grit in a challenging situation.

Rosemary Leader

General Manager, Hillside Hotel

Paul is effective, efficient and very capable. He has in depth technical knowledge and experience, and can get things done. He is organised and in control of his team. I like the way he thinks through the angles of a particular change or system, to understand the downstream impacts and consequences.

Dave McNeill

Owner, McPond Software

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