What Paul Willard does with his spare time

Paul and Una Dancing

The Dancer

I've been dancing around the country, attending competitions, getting involved in team events, and improving with workshops and one-on-one lessons. In 2014 I secured my first trophy (a 3rd place) and continue to hope for a first place.

Paul Riding his motorbike

The Motorcyclist

I am an avid motorcyclist. I enjoy touring around New Zealand, finding complex roads with great scenery.

I particularly like playing around with suspension, and cornering in motorcycles, be it on my previous lazy cruiser (Harley Davidson, FXDF), or my hoon bike (Suzuki SV1000s). I've found some really great documentation about suspension tuning ( found here ).

Out tramping

The Hiker

I've walked all around the forest in New Zealand, climbing a few mountains, and crossing a few rivers. I love the peace and serenity of spending a night cooking over a small stove, sleeping under New Zealand’s beautiful bush canopy.

Paul up Whakapapa snowboarding

The Snowboarder

In 2018 I decided I was going to learn how to snowboard. Like everything else I went at it 110%. I bought the gear; I bought heaps of day passes for the mountain; and I've spent way too many early mornings making my way to the slopes. In December 2018 I went snow boarding on the amazing slopes at Méribel, France.

Linux and Sysadmin tips and tricks

The Geek

Being a geek isn't just a career choice, it's a way of life. I do all sorts of stuff (mainly in Linux, but not always). I keep a blog of some of the things I do at Terminal Addict - Linux and Sysadmin tips and tricks.

The life and times of Paul Willard

My Adventures

I keep a personal blog! I'm quite sporadic in my blogging. Sometimes I blog a bit, sometimes I go long stretches with no blogging. If I think I have something interesting to say then I blog. My personal blog can be found at LoudAs - The life and times of Paul Willard

February 2020 fishing out at sea from Mount Maunganui

The Fisherman

Since meeting my school friends in 6th form, at Western Heights High School, Rotorua (Mark, Dave, and Jason), I've fished. Mark and Dave are keen fishermen, and later when Matt Macaskill go old enough, he too was a keen fisherman. I'm really bad 🤣. So many days fishing have resulted in no fish, but I still love it 🎣.

Walking Lexi at Ruapuke Jan, 2020

The Dog Lover

I love owning a dog 🐶 ! All my life I've owned a dog, except for a few short years as a teenager. Current I have Penny the Chocolate Labrador. She was born 9th November, 2022. She's lovely 💖 💞

400L African tank, 2020

The Aquarist

Yes Aquarist is a word 😂 - "a person who keeps an aquarium". In my early 20s I was introduced to keeping tropical fish. It's a hobby that comes and goes, sometimes the commitment involved in keeping fish is too much (especially if I'm travelling a lot / away from home a lot). Currently I have 2 fish tanks; one with African Cichlids, one with a school of Datnoids, and a school of Bichir.

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