Paul Willard's Cover letter

Paul Willard

Contact methods

Po Box 221
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton, 3240
Phone: +6421638223

A little bit about Paul Willard

Throughout my career I have used, and where necessary, introduced ITIL principles, and developed a culture with the operations and support teams of high integrity, and success.

I have enclosed my CV to support my application. It shows that I will bring valuable skills to the position, including:

  • Decades of system administration (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS , Windows Server and more).
  • Running large scale apache servers, nginx servers, and various other web services.
  • Running large scale email servers (postfix, momentum, intermail, uw-imap, courier-imap, and various others).
  • Extensive experience designing and building vpn networks (openvpn, and vendor specific vpn).
  • ISP level routing, border intrusion detection, border security, and general networking.
  • The ability to lead a team, as well as contribute directly to the operational outcomes of the team, and to self-manage.
  • Exposure to NoSQL, specifically Cassandra.
  • Large scale ISP level MySQL and Postgres design and management, including clustering.
  • Bash scripting, web scripting (PHP, Perl).

I have decades of system administration, and infrastructure management/design, and implementation.

I have extensive experience working in corporate network environments. Managing and running domains, remote users, vendors, and service providers, door security, printer and document management, data integrity, big data storage (noSQL), network and infrastructure redundancy and failover.

I have extensive experience working in open-source environs, building many open source solutions for employers and customers alike during my career. I have contributed to many open source projects, and managed a large scale open source support website since 2002.

I am adaptable, and learn new systems quickly. During my time at Mondiale Freight I quickly learned and started managing logistics software and middleware for the electronic data interchange systems for logistics.

I understand and care about security. I have managed knowledge based systems for Wanna Internet, SMX, Computer Troubleshooters, NetValue, and my own company. I have applied systems including revision control, backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity to document management systems, code repositories, and knowledge bases, attempting to capture tacit knowledge within the organisation.

Thank you for reading this. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Willard

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